Stauffer Wedding

We have known Adam and Crystal for a long time (actually, Luke and Adam have known each other for a really long time), and we always wondered when (or if) they would get married. That is why it was such a wonderful surprise to hear about their engagement, and an incredible honor when they asked us to photograph their wedding.

In fact, we wouldn’t even be photographers if it wasn’t for Adam’s parents. In high school and college, Luke was captivated by the wall of family pictures along their staircase. Even though most of the pictures hadn’t changed in years, he always made time to stand and appreciate them every time he visited. Then, shortly before we got married in 2010, he told me how important it was that we have a similar wall in our future house, so we went out and purchased our first DSLR camera. It’s amazing to think about everything that has happened in those intervening six years and now it seems rather incredible that one of our pictures might someday hang on the legendary Stauffer wall. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, back to their wedding…

Yakima can be rather stifling on a cloudless day in August, but there was a gentle breeze all day and the main cabin at American Homestead mercifully had A/C. While it’s always fun to see family and friends come together to celebrate a new marriage, this wedding was unusually special because it was clearly a new chapter in an ongoing love story. Both Adam and Crystal spoke in their vows about how important this wedding was for them because they were choosing one another yet again. They have been choosing each other for over a decade and this was their chance to bring everybody together to celebrate that choice and give it new meaning. It was truly beautiful.

Adam and Crystal are fantastic friends and we look forward to seeing where their journey goes from here.