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Kinney Wedding

Lewis County wedding

What a way to end the 2018 wedding season! Luke and Lance have known each other for thirteen years, so this wedding felt more like a family celebration for us than anything else. What’s awesome is that it would have felt like that even if they were complete strangers, because family was the theme of […]

Mackey Wedding

Shoreline wedding

When two people love each other, it spreads out from their relationship to touch everybody around them – family, friends, and sometimes even total strangers. Drew and Kariann have that kind of relationship and their wedding clearly showed it. It started right at the beginning of the day when Kariann found a spread of snacks […]

Fenster Wedding

Apple orchard wedding

Imagine all of the details that go into planning a wedding. Now imagine doing all of it across three states and two continents. When Brant and Sanet told us all the lengths they went to (literally) to plan their wedding, we were intrigued and excited to be part of their big day. Sanet’s family is […]

Tupper Wedding

Spokane wedding

We love backyard weddings! Getting married at home (or at the home of a close family member) allows couples to feel comfortable in a way that no rented venue can match. Charles and Katie got married at her parents’ house – along with the adjoining yards of their gracious neighbors – and it was such […]

Montgomery Wedding

Barn wedding

Every wedding is inherently personal, but some couples really go above and beyond. Boomer and Holly wanted to include their customized Jeep in pictures, they created the most clever photo booth we’ve ever seen, they brought a scratch-built, light-up M (for Montgomery) to hang on the barn, and they even ran the bar for an […]

Holt Wedding

Fun wedding

We met Elliot and Erin at a coffee shop in Ballard and they felt like kindred spirits from the very beginning. They love video games and books in seemingly equal measure, which meant that we had a lot to talk about. As we started to discuss the details of their wedding, it became crystal clear that […]

Millar Wedding

Puget Sound wedding

Sam’s best friend summed up this marriage perfectly in her toast when she said, “I’m so glad Sam found someone who could give as much love as she does.” This is so true! Sam and Travis are some of the warmest, most loving people you could imagine and they couldn’t have found better partners than […]

Kot Wedding

Beautiful wedding

Patrick and Brianna got married at the hottest new venue in Thurston Country. The property is owned by her parents and it’s so new that it doesn’t even have an official name yet – this wedding was the first to be held there. Thankfully, there were no unexpected surprises, which allowed everyone to focus solely […]

Palmer Wedding

Christian wedding

Reid and Jessica’s love story is so unlikely that we doubt even the Hallmark Channel would use it as a plot for a daytime movie – which makes it all the more wonderful. Picture it: two girls meet at summer camp and become fast friends. They are bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and they grow up to have children […]