Millar Wedding

Sam’s best friend summed up this marriage perfectly in her toast when she said, “I’m so glad Sam found someone who could give as much love as she does.” This is so true! Sam and Travis are some of the warmest, most loving people you could imagine and they couldn’t have found better partners than one another.

Their wedding day was a perfect celebration of their story. From the setting – beautiful Kitsap Memorial State Park – that reminded everyone of their love of the outdoors, to the vows that reminded everyone of their love for each other. Perhaps the sweetest moment of the day was when Sam made her vows to Travis’ daughter, Baylie, during the ceremony. If there were any dry eyes in the crowd before that moment, there sure weren’t any afterwards.

Travis and Sam, we wish you many happy adventures in the years to come. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate your magical day with you!