Palmer Wedding

Reid and Jessica’s love story is so unlikely that we doubt even the Hallmark Channel would use it as a plot for a daytime movie – which makes it all the more wonderful.

Picture it: two girls meet at summer camp and become fast friends. They are bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and they grow up to have children of their own. Those children then grow up and take jobs at a summer camp, where they meet and fall in love. It’s truly remarkable, but every word of it is true. In fact, Jessica’s dad told an amazing story about how Reid’s birth information has literally been in their family recipe box since the day he was born. It’s the kind of detail that Hollywood would never get right, but we loved it!

The serendipitous story that brought these two together was incredible, but watching them share this important day with everybody who loves them was even better. Friends and family from near and far were all gathered to celebrate this wonderful couple, their amazing families, and a faith in God that sustains them all. The most beautiful moment of the day was watching Reid and Jessica serve communion during the ceremony – it was such a special way to honor God and serve their loved ones.

Thank you, Reid and Jessica, for including us in your celebration. We enjoyed every minute of the day and we wish you infinite happiness in the years ahead!