Butler Wedding

We first met Chelsey through our involvement in corporate event photography. She was a program coordinator for a prominent banking organization and it didn’t take long before we came to appreciate her excellent planning skills and she came to enjoy our beautiful pictures. Even from the early days of our partnership, she would often joke that she had found the perfect people to photograph her wedding. Fast forward a year or two and that’s exactly where we found ourselves – standing on the shore of the Kiana Lodge, watching her and Patrick exchange vows.

Given Chelsey’s background in event planning, everything about their wedding day was perfect. The venue was incredible and everything was beautifully planned down to the smallest detail, but that’s not what we will remember most when we look back at this wedding. For us, the highlight was listening to them exchange vows. Up until that point in the day, they were both cracking jokes and being incredibly playful, but once it came time to make their pledges to each other, the mood became dramatically more earnest, even to the point of being somewhat solemn. They are people who like to have fun and party, but it was clear in that moment that they both have a deep respect for marriage.

Once the papers were signed and the reception began, another major highlight of the day was a man named Steve Hartley (website), who is a caricature artist that they hired for the evening. His work is remarkable and we plan to recommend him to future clients because it allows guests to leave the wedding with a special one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Weddings don’t usually go this smoothly but, if it’s any indication of what married life will look like for Patrick and Chelsey, they have an incredibly bright future ahead of them.