Wilkins Wedding

Melissa has had a running joke for the past several years that she will never need to attend a high school reunion as long as her friends keep getting married at regular intervals. She’s starting to run out of single friends from high school so the crew will probably need to find other ways to get together in the future, but Nick and Kate kept the trend alive this year with a wonderful wedding that was equal parts solemn ceremony and joyous party.

If we want to get technical, they actually eloped last summer so this “wedding” was technically a vow-renewal, but we were so glad they decided to do all of the fun parts again. The ceremony was a sweet opportunity for friends and family to hear these two reaffirm their promises to one another and we also got to witness baby Sophia’s baptism. In many ways, she was the star of the show throughout the day and we greatly enjoyed her silly faces and adorable sounds.

Nick and Kate chose a spectacular location for their wedding despite the 97º Virginia weather. 868 Estate Vineyards has amazing views in all directions and everybody who tried their wine said it was exceptional. As twilight fell, the summer heat brought out tons of fireflies, which made the day seem even more magical – like something out of a story from your childhood.

Congratulations, you two! We were honored to be a part of your special day and we wish you many decades of sunsets and firefly-filled evenings together!