Satre Wedding

I know we say this often, but it still remains true: our favorite weddings to photograph are those of close friends – or clients who feel like close friends. Chris and Mallory definitely fall into this latter category and we had a blast with them on their big day.

Mallory’s parents live near the fourth hole at the Fairwood Golf and Country Club, which is where the wedding was held, so we took advantage of a few golf-related perks. Chris drove over to their place in a golf cart for the first look, we snuck off for a few shots on the driving range during dinner, and we wrapped up the night with a dramatic photo shoot on one of the greens.

These two love golf, but they love their family and friends infinitely more. Rarely have we seen a bride and groom be more invested in making sure that each guest was welcomed and appreciated for being at their wedding. So often it is the guests who are the ones making an effort to celebrate the couple, but these two wanted everybody to know that they were uniquely important to them. One of the most memorable parts of the evening was when Mallory’s dad thanked, by name, all of the guests who had traveled any meaningful distance to be there. As the list grew longer, we half-expected that we’d be called out next, and it wasn’t hard to see where Mallory got her sincerity and thoughtfulness from.

Normally, we would wish the couple many happy years together, but this marriage calls for something a little different. Instead, we want to wish the Bouchee and the Satre families many joyous years of fun and celebration together, and we want to thank Chris and Mallory for including us in their circle of family and friends.

Photographing this wedding was an utter delight! :)