Smith Wedding

Kris and Cassidy have the following inscription on the insides of their respective wedding rings: “fully known † truly loved.” It’s a promise they made to each other during their ceremony and it’s clear from knowing these two that it’s a commitment they plan to honor.

Their long-distance relationship started out online and we had the privilege of knowing Cassidy beforehand, so we got to see their love story develop from the very beginning. They started out with a lot in common, but what really impressed us was their willingness to share their lives with one another and invite the other person to participate in what they individually loved. From spending time with each other’s families, to watching anime, reading novels, or playing video games together, they are deeply committed to being friends and partners for life.

The wedding itself was just as beautiful as the story these two have shared together. They got married on a beautiful day, at the beach, with their nearest and dearest to cheer them on. We have rarely seen parents who were so pleased to have their children marrying one another, and it was a joy to participate in their big day. We felt like members of the family, wishing these two well and sending them off on a new adventure together.

Congratulations to you both! We look forward to seeing your lives flourish as you live out your mutual commitments to one another.