Mackey Wedding

When two people love each other, it spreads out from their relationship to touch everybody around them – family, friends, and sometimes even total strangers. Drew and Kariann have that kind of relationship and their wedding clearly showed it. It started right at the beginning of the day when Kariann found a spread of snacks that Drew had ordered for her. He knew she would forget to eat if there wasn’t something yummy at hand. Kariann was blessed by his thoughtfulness, as was everybody else around her.

Drew is a member of the Seattle Golf Club, which is a fantastic place to have a wedding. Almost every guest remarked at the splendor of the upper floor when they got to the top of the stairs. It was here that their ceremony included a touching (and funny) speech from their friends right in the middle that continued to affirm their immense love for each other. Then, during the beautiful reception downstairs, Drew and Kariann chatted, hugged, shook hands, laughed, and posed for selfies with every person who came to celebrate with them. A wedding day is often such a whirlwind for the couple, but seeing these two put so much effort into connecting with each of their guests was truly inspiring.

Congratulations to Drew and Kariann – we were privileged to be part of your day and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!