Fenster Wedding

Imagine all of the details that go into planning a wedding. Now imagine doing all of it across three states and two continents. When Brant and Sanet told us all the lengths they went to (literally) to plan their wedding, we were intrigued and excited to be part of their big day.

Sanet’s family is from South Africa and some of them traveled thousands of miles to celebrate with her. Brant’s family is a little closer, but some folks still had significant distances to travel. The wedding took place at a relative’s apple orchard just outside of Yakima and it sounded like everybody pitched in to help with various tasks in the days leading up to the wedding. By the end of the night, it seemed like one big family partying together on the dance floor, such were the relationships that had formed. Oh, and Brant rented the coolest getaway car we’ve seen at a wedding, so that was great! ;)

Congratulations to Brant and Sanet. We wish you a long life and many new adventures together!