Carroll Wedding

Photographing the wedding of another photographer might sound stressful, but we felt no such concern about this wedding because Jason and McKenzie are some of the loveliest clients we’ve ever had. They’re good at knowing how to schedule things and they realize that, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what goes wrong as long as they are married when the dust settles. They gave us full creative freedom to document everything that happened on their big day and we think the pictures speak for themselves.

They got married in Burlington, WA at Lafayette Gardens and the weather was perfect all day long, apart from a light drizzle during the toasts. The sky was full of puffy white clouds for most of the afternoon, which only added to the beauty of their first look and its epic views of Mount Vernon. Being that McKenzie is a talented photographer herself (website), she made sure to schedule plenty of time for portraits, so we took some creative pictures with their Corvette and even wandered into a farmer’s field for some genuinely gorgeous pictures.

Their wedding was incredible in every way and we’re really looking forward to creating their heirloom album now.