Tupper Wedding

From the moment we met Trevor and Jaimee, we knew that we were going to enjoy photographing their wedding. Trevor had all of these grand ideas for an amazing celebration and neither of them was interested in sweating the small details at the expense of having fun. Their wedding absolutely delivered!

When we arrived at The Barn on Jackson and heard Trevor say that he was feeling fairly nervous, we were rather surprised, but it turns out that Jaimee was feeling exactly the same way. It wasn’t any kind of fear that they had forgotten something important – it was just the excitement of wanting things to get started so they could finally enjoy everything they had planned. Their eagerness was truly contagious because everybody who spent time with them only became more and more interested in what was to come.

Thanks to their friends, family, and some truly creative planning, this wedding was everything Trevor had described at our first meeting. The ceremony was sweet and Trevor’s cousin, Tove, did a wonderful job officiating it. The reception had plenty of fun surprises for the guests: from traditional English crackers (handmade by Trevor’s mom!) to a fantastic concert by Karl Blau after dinner – everything was perfect for celebrating this couple and their new life together.

Congratulations to Trevor and Jaimee – we wish you all the best in the years to come!