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Anderson Engagement Session

Magnuson Park engagement

Some of you may recognize Sean from the infamous garter toss last year (if not, check it out). He and Teila were so much fun at Jason and McKenzie’s wedding that we were thrilled when they asked us to photograph their wedding this year. They love the outdoors so we met at Magnuson Park on a […]

Donoso Engagement Session

University of Washington engagement

The University of Washington is a magical place in springtime. Between the sunshine, the cherry blossoms, and the glorious views of Mount Rainier, photographing an engagement session on campus gives you all of the best things about UW without any of the crippling tuition debt or harshly-graded term papers. :) And we have to give major props to Alex […]

Satre Engagement Session

Gas Works engagement

One of the best perks of being a photographer is getting to meet the wedding guests of our brides and grooms. All of our clients have been wonderful people and they typically have fantastic taste in friends. We met Chris and Mallory through Brian and Kristin last summer and we have greatly enjoyed getting to know them. They’re […]

Butler Engagement Session

Ballard engagement

Patrick and Chelsey live in Ballard, so it made sense to start their engagement session by wandering around its quaint little streets. We eventually popped into a local restaurant to grab drinks and then headed over to Discovery Park because Chelsey really wanted to tromp around in nature. It was a beautiful fall day so we explored […]

Bigelow Engagement Session

Seattle engagement

I, Luke, have been friends with Nick for over a decade. We met on an international chat forum for car nerds and soon realized that we lived in the same part of Washington. In the intervening years we have shared burritos, gone to hockey games, and graduated from the same college. When he proposed to […]

Hill Engagement Session

Washington Arboretum engagement

We were recommended to Steve and Maggie by another couple and Melissa instantly fell in love with them. After our first meeting was over, she smiled at me and proclaimed, “They’re basically our ideal clients.” She was right. We met at the Washington Park Arboretum for their engagement session and we enjoyed wandering this beautiful place together. It […]

Johnson Engagement Session

Seattle engagement

Chase and Dana are proud Seattleites, so for their engagement session we visited a few of the city’s more romantic locations. We started off in Pioneer Square and walked around some of the oldest streets in the area. From there we jumped on the water taxi and headed over to West Seattle for some fantastic views […]

Greenfield Engagement Session

Lena Lake engagement

We had originally planned an epic location for Jake and Anna’s engagement session, but the permits proved to be rather difficult to acquire, so we had to quickly come up with a different plan. Lake Cushman was an early option, but when we suggested a hike up to Lena Lake instead, they thought it sounded […]

Elliott Engagement Session

Chamber Bay engagement

2015 is going to be an important year for the Chambers Bay Golf Course as it’s hosting the U.S. Open for the first time. We toured the grounds in mid-February and felt that it was a fantastic place for an engagement session, so we invited Brian and Kristin to join us. The low winter sun […]