Workshop Series: Portraits

We like to share our photography knowledge with other people, so this series is meant to show off some of the work that our workshop participants have created.

A surprising number of photographers say that they struggle with portraits, so this workshop focused on ways to take better pictures of people. We discussed how proper posing and use of light can greatly improve the look of any portrait. For posing, we wanted our participants to consider general body language (like keeping people closer together to show that they like each other) as well as how angles (in both the camera and the subject) impact how we perceive our subjects as more masculine or feminine. It was a brilliantly sunny day, so we also sent our teams out with reflectors to help them control the light on their subjects’ faces.

Some of our non-photographer friends graciously volunteered to act as models for the afternoon, so our participants went outside to practice these techniques in realistic settings, including full shade, dappled light, and full sun. We had couples, families, kids– even a dog to practice on – and our participants did not disappoint with their images.