Abston Wedding

August 17, 2018

We enjoy photographing weddings because they represent the start of something new – a new name, a new phase of life, a new family. Colten and Katelyn’s wedding had the best of all of these, especially the family element. We really liked how they included each other’s family members in their wedding parties: Katelyn’s brother was a groomsman and Colten’s sister was a junior bridesmaid. It was also hard to tell whose cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and friends belonged to each “side” because it all felt like one large family celebrating together.

We had never photographed a wedding in La Grande before, but it is only 26 miles (as a bird flies) from the summit of Mount Rainier. At times, the majestic mountain was almost a distraction and it was fun to watch guests take pictures of it throughout the day. Colten and Katelyn got married at his parents’ house and it was as good as backyard weddings get. We had beautiful weather, amazing food, and a lake that was surprisingly full of fish. ;)

Congratulations, Colten and Katelyn, and thank you for inviting us to document your big day!